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Pro Fishing Gear Reviews is a fishing gear review and comparison based website and we’re always looking for new and interesting articles and topics for our blog. Bring something new to the table, you never know!

Post Requirements:

  • Minimum 1200 words, no limit for maximum, make it as long as you’d like.
  • Inspirational and informative information.
  • Attractive titles (H-tags).
  • Well-researched, informative, friendly and engaging content (links to your cited work are welcome).
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  • CopyScape passed article. (Can’t Emphasize enough)
  • Proper grammar and structure is a must! Can be rejected for poor grammar and will be without hesitation.
  • Nothing controversial.
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There is a standard publishing fee of $100USD for guest posting, non negotiable.

If you’re simply looking for a link insert into one of our pages that is a flat $150USD, non negotiable.

If you’re a product owner and would like for us to cover your product reach out to us for further communication.


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